Monteverde is known for its impressive Cloud Forest and the scenic beauty of a green that paints every corner of this town.

The fresh climate that characterizes the area is ideal so that you can make natural walks in different biological reserves and appreciate the lush vegetation and a varied fauna; while you are immersed in paths that will leave you breathless.

There are more active species at night, for this reason you cannot miss the night walk tours with a local guide.

If you are one of those looking to challenge your adventurous spirit, the zip line will become your favorite place, as it will allow you to see the best scenery of this unique forest, but from the treetops with the feeling of flying like Superman.

Another way to appreciate the wildlife of Monteverde is to walk through the skies, and with this we refer to the splendid Hanging Bridges, by the hand of a specialized guide you can discover the most hidden treasures of this destination, such as El Quetzal, a bird of overwhelming colors that enchant of the high zones and cold climates.

There is always time to know a little more about culture and in that matter Monteverde has a lot to tell, starting with coffee and cocoa plantations. If the plan is more relax, a tour of the history and production process of these products; will captivate your attention as a cup of coffee or hot chocolate will conquer your palate with these delicious tours.


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