Sarapiquí is one of the main cantons of Heredia province. This village that is located to the northwest of the country awaits you with a surprising biodiversity and a varied range of activities for adventurers and nature lovers.

Its climate is as warm as its people and you will be able to experience it firsthand by listening to the local farmers and guide of plantations, production, export of products and their interesting stories on a cocoa tour, a pineapple tour or, a coffee tour, all delicious choices!

The visit to this picturesque area of ​​the country would not be the same without appreciating the wonders of the river on a boat safari tour. This trip is so enjoyable that you will learn not only animals but also plants, trees and natural history, as well as getting a photo of a friendly monkey, a bold caiman and even the famous Belted Kingfisher.

And for those mornings, when the birdsong awakens you with energy and adventurous spirit, do not think twice and enjoy the experience of the zip line with the unique landscape that allows you to live up to the trees. Then, with a paddle in hand, enjoy the white water rafting of the Sarapiquí River and feel the freshness of the water.
Yes! These two experiences can be done on the same day!

But if you are looking for something less extreme, the best horses in the area will be ready to take you to know the beauties of the place in an unforgettable guided horseback riding.

You can also test your good condition and walk the trails in search of the famous red-eyed frog, while surrounded by butterflies of splendid colors; these guided hikes are ideal for birdwatchers starting early in the morning.

Adventure Activities

Do you know that Costa Rica is one of the 3 most recommended countries to enjoy adventure activities?

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Birding & Nature Lovers

Costa Rica has more than 900 endemic birds living permanently in its territory.

Costa Rica, a bird watchers paradise!

Cultural Tours

Costa Rica Culture is an amazing experience, you can find it in all around the country, however, the “Ticos” lifestyle is evidence in San Jose Downtown, the Central Market, the Cathedral, Museos, The National Theater, and the central avenue, are places that will immerse you in this roll. Ticos Lifestyle!


River Rafting

Worldwide championship has been taking place in Costa Rica Rivers.

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Wellness & Relax

Costa Rica a destination to take the stress away.

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