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Las Vegas club crawl nightlife

Las Vegas Nightlife: America’s Party Capital

If you’re traveling to America and want to experience new foods, entertainment, and party culture, Las Vegas is the city for you. We’ve got hundreds of restaurants with cuisines from around the world. We’ve got hotels and casinos, with thousands of games. We’ve got nightclubs and bars filled with hundreds of thousands of partygoers from any and everywhere in the world. Las Vegas is for everyone– you’ll never get bored!

If you like to party like us, beware that Las Vegas nightclubs can be the time of your life… If you can get in! Visiting the best clubs in Vegas is essential for tourists but it can sometimes be difficult to get into… And not to mention expensive. If you do manage to secure a spot, most times you’ll have to wait in a looong line to enter. Long wait times lead to pre-game buzzes dying out before you even get inside.

An easy solution to this problem would be to join a Las Vegas club crawl. By paying for one crawl ticket, you get free entry into 3 or more nightclubs. For the fellas, that means no cover charges for just being a guy! (It’s hard out here, we understand) In addition, you get expedited entry by skipping the general admission line, drink specials, and private party hosts… There’s no reason not to join a club crawl!

LA Epic Club Crawls is a premiere nightlife tour company that operates in major party cities throughout America. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Miami, this bar crawl company knows how to have a lit time! LA Epic hosts over 650 crawls annually and 40,000 guests combined throughout these locations. Their main office is located in Las Vegas where they host the lion share of their crawls. Listed below are some of the best Las Vegas nightclubs they visit regularly.

If you are intrigued by any of the venues listed above and want to visit them without breaking the bank (or breaking your brain scheduling an itinerary), LA Epic Club Crawls is for you! We know party scenes can be intimidating with the many options, dress codes, rules, and especially the price tags. With LA Epic, they do the hard work for you. All you have to do is show up, drink, and go with the flow– of your party host’s guidance that is! Crawls are your one-way ticket to having an EPIC trip.