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PCR Test in Costa Rica

PCR test in Costa Rica

Covid-19 test in Costa Rica

Can I get PCR test results in 24 hours for traveling?

Yes! in Costa Rica you can get your PCR test result within 24 hours or even before.
Many clinics and labs offer the test results in 12 hrs, which means that you take the test in the morning, and you will get the result the same day at night.

Where can I get a Covid-19 test in Costa Rica?

There are many places where you can get the Covid-19 antigen test in Costa Rica, the results are taking around 20 minutes.

Can I use an antigen test to travel back to the USA from Costa Rica?

Yes! If you are a USA citizen you can use a fast test result to go back to your country from Costa Rica. Keep in mind to read the last updated USA regulations for traveling abroad on the Costa Rica official USA government website.

What is the price for the Covid-19 test in Costa Rica?

It depends on the clinic or lab you will have access to, however, the prices for a PCR test in Costa Rica are from $50 to $200. Secondly, an antigen test costs approximately 50 dollars in most labs in Costa Rica.

In TOP Costa Rica we have an option where you can be tested during your activity for only 50 USD, then you will receive the test result in just 20 minutes, in case of an antigen test, and from 6 to 12hrs in case of a PCR test.

In TOP Costa Rica we also have Travel Insurance in alliance with a USA insurance company.

Is the Covid-19 variant Omicron present in Costa Rica?

There are few countries that can answer as a negative this question, the variant is present in Costa Rica, however, the cases are going down every day.

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