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She started traveling abroad at an early age, always looking for new adventures and cultures. It is not uncommon for her experience that she finished a career in tourism in Strasbourg, France in 2010. Interested in sustainable tourism she decided to volunteer for 6 months in Costa Rica, during which time she particularly enjoyed the culture, the diversified landscapes, the goodness, the simplicity of life, that is called for the Ticos “Pura Vida lifestyle”.

Later, she remains submerged in her travels for more than a year in Central and South America but finally returns to Costa Rica. Since then she has been living in this beautiful country more than 3 years, always specializing in the tourism industry. Which has taken her to live the touristic tours and activities of each part of the country. Actually, she loves to find the perfect product for every need and desire of every type of traveler, as an expert in travels in Costa Rica.