A travel agent is a synonym of Save and Safe in 2020

Yes, to be a travel agent today is a synonym of saving and safe in 2020 but why we think so?

During many years the Travel Advisors are being so important in the tourism industry, but with the technology platforms, the demand has been coming down.

Today is different, we are back, and stronger than ever.

This pandemic has in shock the tourism industry, with the now very know tag “ZERO Season” in some countries as in Costa Rica.
Travel Advisors are disconcerted about their future, but let me let you know that this could be our time to come back to the game.

Just let’s remember why we are important in the industry and why we are going to be very good valuated in a close future, again.

  1. We know the destinations better than Google, TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia, etc. Even all of them together, can not be competitions for us.
  2. All we have the best deal from providers, so we can offer the best value at the best price
  3. We know where to go in family, in couples, or solo.

So in this short article, I want to say that it is time to improve our knowledge with the actual pandemic protocols, to identify just on a call if the property or service we want to offer is safe for our clients.

It does not matter if you are working for a Travel Agency, or if you are a Freelance. It is our responsibility to advise with the propriety and knowledge, later on, this will maybe the difference between a good or a bad experience for our clients, and even for us. 

On the other hand, it is time to show the benefits of hiring a travel agent to organize vacations.

Here are two reasons why we are a good option for the new era of travel

  • A travel agent is a synonym of Save and Safe in 2020

Save money and time, with our services, travelers will make a list of their desires and we will pick up the best options for them, adjusting the budget to the best value. This will make that the traveler save a lot of time browsing on the internet for different options, reading a lot of cancellations policies and today, analyzing safety protocols concerning the COVID -19

We also provide free upgrades when its possible, special gifts on special occasions or celebrations. And of course, all this organized it by a professional Travel Agent.

  • Real people taking care of real customers

One of the most common issues when a traveler book with an Online Travel Agency is Customer Care, something that does not exist in these companies, instead they may receive a “Customer Service” located somewhere on the earth. 

Most Travel Agencies offer 24/7 Real Customer Care, by a Real Local Expert, which means that travelers will have access to an emergency phone number, where they can call at any time and find the support they may need.

Do not forget to be clear and transparent with your clients at all times, they will appreciate it and a good review will be your best recommendation.

Deyvis Brenes
Tours On Place Founder and Travel Advisor