Nature and birding in Costa Rica. Likewise an educational trail (or sometimes educational path), nature trail or nature walk or simply a nature lover.

Normally these trails not represent an adventure, but what is considered an adventure, in or case adrenaline activities? In contrast for birding lovers, these are really adrenaline experiences.

Learn, discover, and relax involved of nature and birding in Costa Rica.

Nature will make you feel peace and relax. These specially developed hiking trail or path that runs through the countryside. Along which there are marked stations or stops right next to points of natural or cultural interest.

This experience will provide you information about, for example: flora and fauna, soil science, geology, ecology or cultural history.

Longer trails are more interested in some areas of Costa Rica, that link more widely spaced natural phenomena or structures together, may be referred to as themed trails or paths.

You can find them in Arenal, Monteverde and in most national park of the country.

National parks in the country are the most popular places to enjoy nature in the real

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