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Rent a car in Costa Rica

Rent a car in Costa Rica, and as result, it will offer you the best options to enjoy Costa Rica in your own way.

Choose this Rav 4 car if your trip will take you around mountain hills or not asphalted roads

Price shows the cost per day. A day means 24 hrs of rent. In other words, if you take the car at 08:00, the return time will be the same next day. Most Car Rentals work in this way around the world, so you may take this in mind to rent a car in Costa Rica and make the time works for you.

On the other hand, we offer rates per week and even per month, contact us to reach a quotation.

We work with companies such as Hertz, Budget, and EC, all these car rentals are great options. However, the option of booking through us will provide you with benefices like:

  • Best rate guarantee
  • No hidden fees, this means no surprises at your arrival
  • 24/7 Support by us as well as by the Car Rental company
  • Up to 30% in Discount on all our tours and activities

Book this Rav 4 today if you already compare your options and realized that we are the best one.


  • Basic insurance Included
  • 5 passengers
  • 2 Large Suitcases – Luggages
  • 2 Carry on
  • Full Extras

Must present a Credit Card and ID, Driver licence will be required under same CC name.

Prices may change if the driver is younger than 25 years old.

Not hidden charges in the price shown

You can add (optionals) at the desk:

  • GPS
  • Baby Seat
  • *Full Cover Insurance
  • Additional Driver

What you get

  • Price for 24 hrs
  • Basic Insurance Included
  • 5 passengers
  • 2 Large Suitcases - Luggages
  • 2 Carry on
  • Full Extras

What is not in your booking

  • GPS
  • Baby Seat
  • *Full Cover Insurance
  • Additional Driver


What is covered with my Basic Insurance

– Damage made to third parties
– Damage over $1000 to the rented car
– People in the car

What my insurance does not cover

As you may understand any insurance cover negligences acts such as:

– Alcoholic driving
– Over Speed Limit driving
– Unregistered drivers
– Windows Broken
– Car parts stolen
– Car Stolen
– River or shore driving

More Questions?

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you with the best option for your needs