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Uber in Costa Rica

Uber in Costa Rica

How Uber works in Costa Rica?

A clear and simple way to understand how Uber works in Costa Rica.

If you are thinking about using Uber’s services in Costa Rica, here you have where and when to call an Uber to save during your visit to the Pura Vida land.

Uber is an option to save time and money while you are visiting many countries, and even in Costa Rica, it works well but only in San Jose and the surroundings. I am talking about Heredia, Alajuela, and San Jose downtown, in other words in the central valley of Costa Rica.

There is no problem calling an Uber to go from your hotel to a restaurant or to any other touristic attraction in the city, or just to go back to your San Jose hotel from any of those points. In this case, Uber is a good option.

But can you call an Uber from the Juan Santa Maria International Airport?

You can do it, but I recommend avoiding it as your first option on the first day in Costa Rica.

Uber is not legal in Costa Rica and is one of the most controlled services in the Costa Rica International Airport. That means the transit police are always there looking to catch illegal services.

What can happen if you call an Uber on your arrival at SJO Airport?

The Uber will ask you to walk at least to the public bus station which is located around 100 meters away from the exit gate, he/she may ask you to walk a little more if they feel not safe at the moment this happens when police are just in the corner.

What is the best option to go to your hotel from the Costa Rica Airport?

No doubts. Private Transportation from Costa Rica Airport is the safest way to have a good experience during your first day in paradise.

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